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Novel, story
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I read the north to you
There was a north in my heart, and I was willing to guard this obsession desperately.
$ 42.00
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Thirty six ride
Nian Yuan Huai Ren
The selected girls, beautiful Hu Ji, the god of juveniles, the prodigal sons of the rivers and lakes, the heroes of the battlefield, the sorceress witch, the wagon of the chariot, the hawk of the desert, sing different camel bells on the silk road. The author activates legends in fictional imagination, recreating the superburning story of the Western Region journey during the Eastern Han Dynasty
$ 90.00
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Leave me back
Captain Yao
Comrades-in-arms, loved ones, loved ones, a feeling of family and the world, a journey of love and faith. From the book, feel the different bloody youth. Wonderful youth-blooded novel, ignite reader soldier dream!
$ 38.00
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Riding a deer through the forest
Little toff
A mixed love, a civilization about to disappear. Preface to the Lu Award winner Wang Xiangfu, Hugo Award winners Hao Jingfang, Guliguo, Pan Yungui and other writers jointly recommended.
$ 42.00
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Time goes back, I wish I had never met you
Tang mother
Jianshu Phenomenon Works Annual Urban Emotional Works
$ 45.00
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Runaway layout
Li Mo
Come out and mix, always have to pay back! But the truth is not so ...
$ 35.00
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Don't be afraid, we are all lonely
Bai Jia
The people in these seven stories are too lonely to extricate themselves, because now is an era of loneliness. The emotions between people are getting weaker and weaker. Because we attach great importance to our emotions, we dare not take the truth easily.
$ 39.00
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Don't follow me
Shang Yuanyong
Subtle emotions, intertwined, ups and downs, unexpected endings, the perfect combination of love and suspense.
$ 32.00
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The world and its joys and sorrows
Short book
This world eternally interprets its joys and sorrows, and you and me can always be found in the story.
$ 42.00
Internet, science
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When you want to learn folk music
Slang search
This book summarizes the short biography of representative traditional national musical instruments to help you understand and understand these instruments in depth. Of course, you can also use this as an tentacle to experience the profound and profound classical culture of China, thereby improving your musical accomplishment.
$ 49.00
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Empathy: A good parent-child relationship trumps all education
Critical ice
This book analyzes the psychological characteristics of children through a large number of cases, explains the underlying reasons behind their different behavioral manifestations, and realizes the common growth of the hearts of parents and children through benign parent-child interaction.
$ 49.00
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How to eat cancer patients
Yang Yue Wang Xing
Every year, there are 4 million new cancer patients in China. Unscientific traditional diet concepts and folk rumors seem to indicate that many patients have been treated very successfully, but they have various conditions due to diet. This book uses popular language and real cases to teach you how to help your loved ones from the diet.
$ 49.00
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Skin care ask Mo
Mo Yan
This book covers common skin problems such as dryness, sensitivity, wrinkles, acne, and sagging, as well as multi-faceted skin care knowledge such as cosmetics evaluation and skin care common sense. This book has scientific and rigorous professional skin care knowledge, with simple and easy to understand practical operation methods.
$ 69.00
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Content Algorithm: An Efficiency System That Turns Content into Value
Yan Zehua
This is an introductory book on algorithm distribution and a desk reference book for operations management for Internet content practitioners, self-media practitioners, WeChat account practitioners, and writers.
$ 58.00
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The king of transformation: the actual combat system of WeChat and social e-commerce
Chen Xincheng
$ 69.80
Workplace, inspirational, financial
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My last eloquence
Chen Muzhen
Make your expressions more logical and persuasive
$ 39.40
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The stronger you are, the fairer the world is
Huai Zuo
Even if the world judges you only by its results, you must learn to hug yourself!
$ 42.80
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Don't be afraid to be a crying adult
Gao Haorong
How miserable is an adult? How many times have you been reminded by others to "become a calm adult"? In fact, a single tear can heal a week of darkness. 48 psychological stories, 48 moments when they went out to dark moments.
$ 68.00
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Don't say you have no chance before you go all out
Uncle Han's Grocery Store
Envying others is worse than being strong.
$ 21.40
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Cognitive disruption
Taoist is a thinker
$ 45.00
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The Road to Workplace Improvement-From Giant Baby to Big Coffee
Practice the basic skills of the workplace and grasp the first five years of the workplace
$ 49.00
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There is a way, why panic
Shen Wanjiu
This book will explore the four dimensions of life, work, love and dreams: how to use your heart as light and your dream as a horse to find your own stage in the big rivers and lakes, and finally live your favorite look .
$ 42.00
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Self-discipline to escape the comfort zone to become your own goddess
Xu Lin Grace
A motivational growth book for the modern women's workplace that is not chicken soup
$ 39.80
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4200 km of walking-hiking on Pacific Ridge Trail
Tian He
The third Chinese who walked the Pacific Ridge Trail will tell you the ultimate experience of trekking, taking you all the way to enjoy the mountain geography and human history on the west coast of the United States.
$ 35.90
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I am so self-disciplined to die from mediocrity
Huai Zuo
Not particularly lucky, please work hard first.
$ 38.00
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Regardless of whether his efforts are rewarded, life is life.
Gu Yichen
$ 38.00
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From workplace white to team boss: basic thinking in the workplace
Xu Chengdong
$ 39.00
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Dreams will not disappoint you
Write to you who have high hopes for yourself
$ 38.00
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Always be crazy for dreams
Short book
Are the people who accompanied you in your dream-hunting years still around? The writer of Jianshu loves you and dreams together with you.
$ 36.00
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Someone will live in your heart
Short book
Moth's courage to fight fire, obsessed with disregard for body, pretended calm blessing ...
$ 36.00
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Finance early
Financial management is not making money, and financial management is not simply investing and letting money make money.
$ 30.00
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The braver a woman is, the luckier
Short book
This book is the second book produced by Jianshu. It tells warmly and sharply the problems and contradictions women should face in life, love, self-growth
$ 42.00
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You have to work hard, but don't worry
Short book
Only by bearing heavy experience can we withstand the scrutiny of years.
$ 42.00
Culture, history
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Idioms in Tang Poems
Shan Changxue
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During the Song Dynasty
Wild fox
A popular version of Song History
$ 58.00
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Tao Li Chunfeng a glass of wine
Ye Chuqiao
Tang Dynasty poets' happy life, the Chinese poetry convention must read customs.
$ 50.00
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This Ming Dynasty is really fun
Zhan Fang
A strong dynasty! An interesting dynasty!
$ 28.60
997896a1 09d6 4eec 8c71 e2b3bb3e9c37
Love and Hate Northern Song
Heartbroken Liu Laoshi
A controversial great dynasty, the more you know, the more you sigh!
$ 42.00
F8e5a9d2 ae91 4309 aac2 14ca82b743ad
Write a song for you in the starry sky
Snowflakes like sugar
Love words are a major theme of Song Ci, and those sighs and words are pure.
$ 45.00
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Travel to Tibet
shredded rose
Take sketchbook to Tibet, a journey of painting while walking!
$ 48.00
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Fall in love with writing and meet yourself
Short book
$ 38.00
Tools and skills
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Questioning power
Zhao Zhou, Li Zhen, Qiu Enhua
This book will help you systematically improve your thinking ability, complete the upgrading of your thinking model, become an excellent questioner, and achieve an outstanding life. This book takes a brand new perspective, how to find problems, how to ask questions, and get training in thinking ability, so as to achieve better personal growth.
$ 39.00
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PPT master training notes: high-performance workplace PPT practice
Xiaowan PPT
Quickly improve workplace competitiveness, tips for efficient office work
$ 59.00
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21 Days Stick Figure Meng Meng Da Tiao Training Camp (Zero Basic Edition)
Drawing is a joyful and practical thing. In this book, there are rich stick figure templates and hand book templates for you to choose. Suitable for zero-based readers to imitate and practice.
$ 39.80
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Jan Book Refreshment Story Collection Part 2
Jianshu Teahouse Leaf Boss
Cfb7cc56 c14c 4290 be6c b72091a96d87
Jianshu Education Monthly 002 · When we talk about education, what are we talking about
Jianshu Education Topics
Ff264f7a 7d0a 4ecb 895d 5fb3b5fa7a24
Jane Short Story Monthly 005
Jianshu short stories
61a6e2f0 c928 43bb b9e9 939954481888
Brief Talk on Writing Monthly 003 · Reading Life, Writing Life
Brief on the topic of writing
8f8d231e cdfe 4e14 95e0 20af48718986
Jianshu Reading Monthly 001
Jianshu Reading Topics
Bff45ed3 0d15 4dcb acbf 228942d3bb1e
Brief Book World Affairs Monthly 001
Jianshu World Affairs Topic
1f02d6f8 0b7f 4693 a061 8cb98857acaa
Jianshu Wonder Monthly 001 · Dreams are horses, you can live everywhere
Jianshu Whimsy Special Topic
E9c0282f 9387 4d5c b55c c4c248e98aeb
Janshu Refreshment Story July
Jianshu Teahouse Leaf Boss
A342d0c1 2701 41c6 a0c9 869232b5a511
Brief Talk on Writing Monthly 002
Brief on the topic of writing
Cf176893 2cb5 4631 b821 b10af0f9120f
Jane Characters Monthly 001
Jianshu Characters